Screw Fixing all types of plasterboard to the systems detailed above, Timber Joists, Timber Stud (load bearing and non-load bearing), Timber Frame (load bearing and non-load bearing

Dry Lining (Sticking)

DriLyner Basic, DriLyner MF, DriLyner RF, DriLyner SI, DriLyner TL, Knauf Direct Bonding and Metal Furring, GTEC Direct Bond

Tape and Jointing

Durable Joint Re-inforcement, Smooth, Continuous, Crack Resistant Surface ready for priming and decoration.


Multi coat Plaster Systems by hand or Making Good– Site operatives whose specific job is to snag and make units ready for the decorator.


Monocouche, through coloured render systems, Multi-Coat Render Systems, Ashlar Render, Bespoke Render (e.g pebble/stone dash, raised bands), Insulated Render Systems, Sand and Cement Render


Phenolic (Insulated boards)

Fibreglass – Isover/Knauf, Rockwool, Expanded Polystyrene Insulation (EPS)

Jablite, Rigid Polyurethane Insulation (PUR)

Celotex, Kingspan, Recticel and Ecotherm, Rigid Polyisocyanurate Insulation (PIR)

Internal metal stud partitions (‘C’ studs, AcouStuds and ‘I’ studs)

Gypwall Classic, Gypwall Curve, Gypwall Extreme, Gypwall Quiet (IWL and SF), Gypwall Rapid db Plus, Gypwall Robust, Gypwall Secure, Gypwall Staggered, Knauf Performer, Knauf Silent Space Saver, Knauf Isolator, Knauf Shaftwall, LaFarge Gtec Homespun System, Richter Sytems, Speedline Systems

Suspended metal furring grid ceilings (MF)

Casoline Curve, Casoline Grid, Casoline MF, Knauf C Form, Knauf MF, Farge Gtec MF Ceiling, Richter MF Ceiling, Speedline MF Ceiling

Metal lining systems

GypLyner Encase, GypLyner IWL, GypLyner Universal Ceiling / Lining, Knauf Wall Liner


Traditional Fibre Screed, Insulated Screeds, Structural Screeds, Flow Screeds, Underfloor Heating Screeds